What started back in 1970 with a 14-year-old and his first two Yorkshire gilts is now a group of pork producers with 120 Purebred Yorkshire sows and 20 Crossbred sows. We are committed to excellence, which means meat quality and structural soundness are never sacrificed. By doing business with people who are passionate about day-to-day genetics, you increase your opportunity for success.

My interest in genetics started in 1970, when I was 14 years old. At the South Dakota State Yorkshire Sale in Brookings, SD, my dad bought me my first two Yorkshire gilts — and those two gilts were the beginning of what was to be Power Point Genetics/Boar Stud. We continued to grow our herd and kept back only the best gilts. Our focus was on raising breeding stock for our commercial customers, which ranged from people with 10 sows to people with 1,200 sows.

The swine industry continued to change and we continued to change with it. In 1989, we added Purebred Hampshires to our herd. This diversity allowed us to sell our customers two breeds of hogs for their commercial operations. In 1998, AI was becoming more widely used and we were selling less boars. To keep up with the changes in our industry, we opened a small boar stud — Power Point Genetics/Boar Stud — to serve our most progressive customers.

Today, the Power Point Genetics Boar Stud can house up to 80 boars and we continue to work with both commercial and showpig customers, which means we can meet whatever your need is, whether it’s semen, gilts, boars or showpigs. Our current sow herd is made up of 120 Purebred Yorkshire sows and 20 Crossbred sows, so we can better serve you, our customer.

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Much Thanks to our Guest Consignors for bringing Swine to our show pig sale!

Nelson Bros. Durocs,
Wakonda, SD
Schmeichel Yorkshires,
Hurley, SD
Heine Swine Farm,
Vermillion, SD
McCloud Farms,
Trenton, MO
Lonnie Ploeger,
Pierson, IA
Gibson Showpigs,
Eagleville, MO
Dave Krebs & Family,
Rio, WI
Keith Larson,
Wolsey, SD